Grafton Foundation Delta Wrap

During Construction. Step 2 in protecting the basement from future moisture issues, delta wrap was installed to prevent lateral hydrostatic pressure that can occur from moisture being pushed through the porous concrete and rebar tie holes. As concrete cures, it will shrink around the rebar ties, small hairline fractures will occur which are easy access points for moisture to enter your basement. Tar and Spray another method will harden over time and is sprayed on while the concrete is still “Green” ie curing. This tar can bubble and harden and when backfilled bubbles will pop and penetrations opened up causing a failure. An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure. Step 3 of protecting the basement is using perforated weeping tile around the exterior of the footing and covering with gravel to allow any water that comes down the foundation wall to be collected into the weeping tile which drains into in this case a sump pump.